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See Your Sleep Doc from Your Bedroom

Exciting news! Now, you can see Dr. Patel or his nurse practitioner Debbie, from the comfort of your home. If you live in Indiana, we can see you using American Academy of Sleep Medicine's telemedicine portal! Click here to request an appointment. 


This visit will be as detailed as your traditional visit - you will request an appointment, you will fill out detailed questionnaire, and you will see the sleep doc without driving to the clinic. Of course, our staff will miss seeing you, but short of that there is no downside to this.

If you do not have insurance, that is perfect. This visit will cost you only $ 51. If you need a home sleep test, we can mail that out to you and on the follow-up visit, we can discuss the results. If you do have sleep apnea, we can discuss the treatment. If you need CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure), we can mail out the latest one from Phillips Respironics. We can monitor the use and success remotely.

One exception, if you are CDL holder or a pilot, we can not treat you using telemedicine. You will have to drive to our clinic in Goshen or in Mishawaka.

If you have insurance, you have to call them and ask - Does my insurance pay for televisits? Are Sneeze & Snooze Clinic and Dr. Patel in my network? If yes, write down the name of the person and the phone number you called, and then pass that on to our billing department and then we shall see you in our teleclinic! You will have to pay the copay and deductibles.

If you have a HSA, you can just use your HSA card to pay. You will be charged $ 51 for each televisit.

Confused? Don't be. Drop me a line and we shall clarify things. My email is

I am excited that I can serve people from the comfort of their homes.

- Dr. Patel