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Limit Teens' Screen Time for Better Sleep & More Alertness - A Study

Posted by Yatin J. Patel on

A study published in Sep 2019 issue of the Journal Sleep showed that sleep and next day alertness improve if teens abstain from using their electronic devices after 9 pm. 

Using actigraphy and daily questionnaires in a large sample of students (12 to 19 years old), researchers assessed screen time in the evening and sleep habits over 1 month. This included a 2 week baseline phase, followed by a 40 min sleep education workshop and a 2 week interventional phase, in which participants were asked to stop using screen devices after 9 pm during school nights. During the interventional phase, they found that the reduction of screen time after 9 pm correlated with earlier sleep onset time and increased total sleep duration. The latter led to improved daytime vigilance. These findings provide evidence that restricting screen use in the evening represents a valid and promising approach for improving sleep duration in adolescents, with potential implications for daytime functioning and health.

Please try to convince your teens to limit their screen time before bedtime. 

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Launching Doc's Book - CPAP is Sexy

Untreated obstructive sleep apnea increases the risk of sexual dysfunction, stroke, heart attack, high blood pressure, irregular heart rhythm, diabetes, weight gain, drowsy driving, and early death. The CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) is the preferred treatment recommended by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, but it can be difficult to get used to sleeping with [...]

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How Much Sleep Do I Need, Doc?

This is the question I get asked most commonly. My answer is simple: whatever it takes for you to feel alert, energetic all-day long, every day. For your spouse, it can be 7 hours, for you it can be 7.5 hours. In a Consensus Statement published in June 2015 , American Academy of Sleep Medicine and Sleep [...]

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Share Driving, Save a Death.

Sharing driving responsibility is difficult. Sometimes, we don't want to pull over and get out of the car to change the driver, but the studies have shown that accidents increase after two hours of continuous driving.Please get into the habit of saying, "Can you drive please?" You may not feel sleepy at that time, you [...]

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Drive Alert This Weekend and Beyond

Here, are a few tips to help you and your loved ones stay safe on the road this weekend and beyond.1. Get a good night’s sleep every night, certainly prior to the long trip.2. Avoid driving between mid-night and 7 am as our brain is sleepiest during these hours.3. Be extra careful driving around mid-afternoon.4. [...]

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Fall in Love Again (with Your CPAP) - 5 Tips From Your Sleep Doc

Most patients love their CPAP, but a few really hate it. They do not like the fact that they have to strap themselves to this cumbersome gadget every night. They do not perceive the benefits of CPAP use. They hate the nasal mask. Well, I have some encouraging news for you. It does get better [...]

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Seven Benefits of PAP Nap Room at Snooze Clinic

My wife and I visited the campus of Williams' Brothers in Washington, IN to learn how we can serve our patients better. Williams brothers run their family business in a compassionate, caring, and efficient manner. Julie, their CPAP specialist, a pleasant young lady in her 30s gave us a 2-hour long tour of their flawless [...]

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The #CPAP Tube Choked Me! |

"I do not thrash around in bed much, doc. This is the reason I was surprised and startled when the hose got tangled around my neck and choked me hard enough to cause a bout of coughing. It scared my wife too in the middle of the night."John, a thin tall man in his early [...]

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​“The Air Leak Irritates My Eyes.” #CPAP #AirLeak

Today in our clinic, a sleep apnea patient in his 40s, a welder, complained that he wakes up with red eyes because of the air leaking into his eyes.The commonest cause of this is a poorly fitting nasal mask. If the mask is too big and reaches lower eyelid, it has the potential of leaking the [...]

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Sleepy Joe Hauls Gasoline | #Apnea #CPAP

Photo Credit - Telea Daniel"I'm going to punch that blabbermouth in his mouth," Joe shared his frustration with his wife Sandy as he threw his 400 lbs body in his favorite lazy chair. He was referring to his childhood buddy, Bill, who had called him "Sleepy Joe" at their usual VFW gathering on Saturday. Lately, [...]

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