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Sleep Doc's 5 Tips if You Feel Sleepy Despite Using CPAP Every Night

A great majority of my patients feel more alert and energetic when they start using CPAP, but a substantial number of patients do continue to feel “no different than before.” If you happen to fall in the later group, follow these tips and talk to us or your doctor.1. Ask your spouse if you snore [...]

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Why Change Mask Liners?

"Don't fix it if ain't broken!" A patient reluctantly shared with me when I asked him about CPAP supplies renewal. Supplies renewal recommendations from the manufacturers and DME companies appeared to me to be motivated by personal gain. Now, I have become more and more religious about advocating and even insisting that all my patients change [...]

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Get Free Filters for Life to Prevent Allergies and Infections

CPAP filters prevent allergies and infections. Stop by at our Goshen or Mishawaka Location to get free filters every month. You can also use the coupon code FreeFilters at check out to get them mailed to you. 

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Sleep 7 Hours or More to Live a Long, Healthy, & Happy Life

Consensus Statement (published in June 2015 issue) from American Academy of Sleep Medicine and Sleep Research Society recommends 7 or more hours of sleep every night. Sleeping less than 7 hours per night on a regular basis is associated with adverse health outcomes, including weight gain and obesity, diabetes, hypertension, heart disease and stroke, depression, and [...]

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Will CPAP's Noise Keep My Spouse Awake?

“My spouse already has sleep difficulties, Will my CPAP machine make her insomnia worse?” I reassure such patients that all the new models of CPAP devices are almost silent producing only 24 to 29 decibels.How loud is 29 decibels? Here is a list of common noises and their decibel levels:Normal conversation (60)Refrigerator humming (40)Whisper at [...]

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A New Sleep Apnea Treatment Could Help Millions | CBS News

In Thursday’s New England Journal of Medicine, researchers unveiled a new treatment that utilizes a sensor to stimulate nerves, allowing the body to breathe when otherwise it would not.“I am so excited about this new device,” Dr. Ash told the co-hosts of “CBS This Morning.” She said the device, known as a “pulse generator” is [...]

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Sleep Apnea & Claustrophobia? Here is the Answer.

My patients with obstructive sleep apnea and severe claustrophobia are petrified at just the thought of wearing a bulky mask for use with their CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) machine. Well, here is the answer to their prayers; a small, flexible, open, and wearable nasal interface from Respironics – Nuance Nasal Gel Pillows. Take a [...]

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7 Tips to Eliminate Dry Mouth during CPAP Use

Courtesy: Periowave Dental ServicesMy patients often complain that the CPAP is making their mouth dry, sometimes to a severe degree such that they can not keep the CPAP on all-night long. These are the suggestions I have given to them over last 20 years of my practice.1. Treat nasal congestion. Dry mouth occurs when you [...]

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