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1. I am on Medicare. May I buy from this website?

We sell equipments and supplies to patients for cash. We can not serve you if you are on Medicare, Medicaid, or other government insurances.


2. Can you bill my insurance?

We do not bill insurances. You can check with your insurance if you can purchase equipment from our website and then submit the claim yourself for payment or to see if that amount can be applied to your deductible.


3. Where can I fax the prescription for CPAP and supplies?

You can fax the prescription to 574-534-6915. You can also mail the prescription at 2417 S. Berkshire Drive, Goshen, IN 46526.


4. Who can write me a prescription?

Your physician, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant can write you a prescription.


5. How can my sleep apnea be diagnosed?

You can talk to your doctor about a simple and cost-effective home sleep test to diagnose your sleep apnea. After the diagnosis, your health provider can give a prescription for CPAP and supplies.


6. What follow up do you recommend?

We recommend that you follow with your physician first in 30-60 days and then yearly as needed to make sure that your sleep apnea is well-treated by your CPAP settings.