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SnoozeClean CPAP Ozone Sterilizer - Affordable, portable

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The Snooze Clean Sanitizer prevents germs from collecting on your CPAP, Mask and Tubing. It's proven Ozone kills 99.99% of germs and bacteria. You can sanitize your equipment through a stream of controlled Ozone for approximately 25 minutes.

Once a week, empty the water chamber, unhook the nasal interface from the tube, connect the sterilizer to the tube, and turn it on. This method ensures a thorough sterilization of the water chamber. In the video, Doc, by mistake, says the price to be $ 120. It is incorrect. The older version was priced at 120. This newer version is a much better product priced at $ 140. Our Doc got confused there!   


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  1. Cost Effective alternative

    Posted by Jodie W on 5th May 2019

    I was so happy to see a more cost effective alternative to the SoClean machine, I have been a c-pap user since October of 2018. The c-pap machine has changed my life! I was concerned with cleaning of my machine so I do not get sinus infections etc.. It was to costly for me to spend $300+ for a sanitizer. At my last visit Dr Patel told me about the SnoozeClean. I was thrilled! I took it home and have been using it ever since. It is so easy to use, quiet( a friend said the SoClean is loud), small, and does a great job! Thank you Dr Patel for always looking for ways to may C-Pap use easy and cost effective!

    Thank you for the feed back. We really appreciate it and our happy that you are enjoying the SnoozeCleaner.

  2. does the job

    Posted by Unknown on 13th Apr 2019

    Bought this as I didn't want to pay over three hundred dollars for a sanitizer. This one works as advertised.

    I am glad you like it. Thanks for the review.

  3. The bag looks cheap

    Posted by Unknown on 9th Apr 2019

    I returned it because the bag looks just like a cheap ziplock bag.

    "Thanks for the review. We kept the bag small and portable to save bulk while traveling. The included bag is made of thick durable plastic." - Doc.

  4. Works well

    Posted by Eugene H. on 2nd Apr 2019

    I've worried a bit about keeping the CPAP system clean, given the risks of respiratory infections. This sanitizer works well, is very unobstrusive (if you listen for it, you can hear it, but you have to try), and is very convenient. Only drawback is similar to all of these systems, there is an ozone smell after it finishes, that lingers in the system, but it's not an objectionable smell, just noticeable. Also a much better value than the other cleaners. Would recommend this Sanitizer to all CPAP users.

    Thank you for your feedback and I am glad you are enjoying the SnoozClean.

  5. Peace of mind!

    Posted by Unknown on 31st Mar 2019

    I have looked for a sanitizing system for my sinusitis and sinus infection prone sister who uses CPAP. The price of the other machines was very off putting. Dr. Patel and his staff showed this to me and I was so excited. It’s small and easy to use and best of all affordable. My sister is so thrilled and I am too!!!!

    Thank you for the feedback. We are thrilled that you found the SnoozeClean easy to use and effective. MistyR/CMA

  6. I couln't believe the difference!

    Posted by Sarah W. on 31st Mar 2019

    My sister brought me this sanitizer. I had been wanting one, but the other models are so expensive. I watched the easy to understand video and used it immediately. Well, once it had charged anyways. I could tell the difference right away. I also wanted to make double sure my hose was clean so I left the hose attached to my cpap and disconnected the mask. I used the adapter for the sanitizer and fit the end of my hose onto the sanitizer unit and put it in the bag to run it cleaning cycle. Now I am doubly sure that my cpap, mask and hose are super clean - which is very important because I have allergies and suffer from horrible sinus infections if my cpap isn't spotless. The slight ozone scent was not overwhelming and just made me it really is clean. I would definitely recommend this to anyone with a cpap or bipap!

    Thank you for your feedback Sarah. I am glad that you are enjoying the sanitizer. MistyR/CMA

  7. Couldn't believe how easy this is to use

    Posted by Eva M. on 27th Mar 2019

    For 120$, it is a steal. Love that I can travel with it.

  8. What I was looking for

    Posted by T D Schutz on 23rd Mar 2019

    One of the best health decisions I have made was deciding to use the CPAP. It has made a world of difference in my life and health and I am grateful! However, the responsibility of routine cleaning/sanitation, was not on my list of favorite routine duties to perform, besides having mask, tubing and filters laying out drying, I must admit, I missed a cleaning more than a couple of times. Not a healthy habit!

    I had been hearing and reading of different options available in CPAP cleaning/sanitation devices. My research showed they were costly, some involved hanging tubing by a window, all were machines far from miniature, bulky in size, not very portable and, seemed to me, as much of a hassle as the washing routine I was already employing and disliking.

    During a routine visit to Sneeze and Snooze, I asked if they could recommend an easier more convenient way of cleaning and sanitizing my equipment. That is when I was introduced to the SnoozeClean CPAP Sanitation device Dr. Patel was developing. After 1 use, I was sold!!

    Dr. Patel’s SnoozeClean CPAP Sanitation device is convenient to use, about the size of a bar of soap, rechargeable, portable and very, very efficient, killing 99.99% of bacteria and viruses! Simply drop your mask, tubing, filter, into a routine size plastic bag along with the SnoozeClean CPAP Sanitation device, seal and Voilà in less than a half hour all of the pieces are sanitized and ready for their next use. Not only is it so very easy . . . but it’s compact in size and fits nicely in my CPAP carry case when I travel . . . one less bag to tote along!

    Thank you Dr. Patel for not only getting me back on the road to a healthy life, but for making my life easier!!

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